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Date:   December 29th, 2020

Merchants running a seasonal business know best what it means to suffer a dip in sales and struggle with cash flow. And like it or not, most small businesses are seasonal. And because you have little control over the changing seasons, the best approach is to dance to the rhythm.


Date:   December 25th, 2020

As most business owners invest adequate time and money to boost sales throughout the COVID festive season shopping, others will choose to save their working capital and instead shut down operations, hoping 2021 will be better. A small company may close down operations during winter for several reasons. At times, it's not because the business is slow, but instead, the owner needs an official pardon after a year of managing the company.


Date:   December 22nd, 2020

As theglobal health community responds aggressively to wave II of COVID-19 with Vaccines, we have also observed players in every sector react to the current challenges with creativity. International logistics is no exception. With a second-wave sweeping and COVID-19 government restrictions tightening, global trade will be affected deeper and longer than we've witnessed in other crises in the past.


Date:   December 18th, 2020

Staunch loyalists will tell you America is the place to be during a global crisis, but with our pathetic handling of the pandemic, other parts of the world may as well be safer than the US. So if you plan to travel during COVID regardless, learning these international travel myths upfront may help you cut on costs.


Date:   December 15th, 2020

The journey to launching a business is full of crossroads — times when you need to choose one solution over the other, hoping it will work for you. One of the instances is when you must decide whether to create website order form or invest extra money and time in a shopping cart.

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