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Date:   March 22nd, 2019

There are a lot of benefits if you get a postal service job, which is why the postal exam 473 receives a large number of applications each year. It is one of the best institutions to work at since it is a federal service. There are a lot of positions that the postal service job offer, these include corporate, finances, sales, sorting mail, deliveries, customer engagement, etc. 80% of these positions are filled through the postal exam 473. It is possible to have a really satisfying career if you work at a postal service job, which is why it is important to try your best in the exam.

Date:   March 19th, 2019

People applying for US postal jobs need to pass the postal job exam but once they do that they have a lot of perks. These benefits to postal jobs come with great job security and really nice salaries. Employees also enjoy pension packages after retirement, which can secure their future as well.

Date:   March 15th, 2019

To get a US postal job, you need to give the postal exam 473. It involves five main tests that are administrated via pen and paper. Almost 90% of all US postal jobs are filled through the postal exam 473. The exam usually has a lot of competition since limited seats are available. The test is also known to be difficult to pass, especially if you prepare for it in a wrong way.

Date:   March 12th, 2019

The postal exam 473 for US postal jobs is a really hard exam to pass. Only 20% of the applicants actually pass the exam with flying colors. It is important to ensure that you take out the time to prepare properly in order to pass the exam and attain a US postal job.


Date:   March 8th, 2019

Having US Postal jobs can mean multiple benefits for you. There are many things you should consider if you are hesitant to apply for an US Postal office job.
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