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Date:   August 13th, 2019

If you were looking to join the USPS because of its amazing benefits and career opportunities, you must be aware that you have to first go through a very challenging postal exam. As adults, we’ve usually fallen out of the habit of preparing for tests which is why it can be pretty difficult to take this test.

Date:   August 5th, 2019

The United States Postal Service is a great way to launch a highly rewarding and lucrative career. Not only is it one of the largest employers in the country, but they also offer a whole range of career options that you can choose as per your temperament, educational qualifications, and aptitude.


Date:   August 2nd, 2019

Everyone wants to be successful at their job. However, there are some critical factors that determine how successful you can be at work. Just like all other jobs, a United States Postal Service job also requires a person to have certain characteristics and skills. If you have cleared the United States postal exam and have landed a job at the USPS, then you must include the following traits in your personality. These factors will improve your chances of success at work. Furthermore, they will also help you increase your chances of promotions and better grades. Here are 4 critical traits you need to be successful at a USPS job. 1. Self-Motivation Self-motivation is necessary if you wish to be successful at work. Self-motivated individuals are more eager to learn and perform better. They focus on their quality of work and try their best to meet the deadlines given to them. In addition, they also enjoy the work that they do. Self-motivation encourages the individual to complete assigned tasks without the need of any external influence. If a person is self-motivated, they will achieve great heights in their career. 2. Punctuality It may sound like a simple thing, but many people are not punctual, and this costs them their job at the USPS. A person has to go through a rigorous process to get a United States Postal Service job. Don’t ruin it just because you are not punctual. A person who is punctual is respected by the people around them. Therefore, one must be punctual when they are working for someone somewhere. Otherwise, they will come off as highly unprofessional and no one likes unprofessional people working for them. 3. Self-Supervision If one wants to excel in their career, then they must self-supervise themselves. Don’t just leave supervision to supervisors. Set your own goals and work towards achieving them. Become your own supervisor and work towards achieving your personal and professional goals. Take charge of your work and make the most of your time and abilities. When you start supervising yourself critically, you will be able to contribute to your personal success, as well as that of the organization. 4. Positive Attitude Having a positive attitude towards work can improve your quality of work and make you successful at your job. A positive attitude is contagious. If you are positive, you will transfer this positive energy to other people around you as well. A positive attitude towards work also shows that you are confident in your abilities and skills. Others will take after you and you will be able to reach a high position and success if you maintain a positive outlook. These were some important and critical factors that determine your success at a USPS job. Follow these tips and you will be a star at work.

Date:   July 30th, 2019

Working for the US postal service (USPS) has always had its advantages. As an independent federal agency, the US postal service offers several benefits to those who have a postal service job. If you haven’t considered working for the postal service yet, here are the top 5 reasons why you should do so:


Date:   July 26th, 2019

If you are interested in making a career for yourself as an officer in the US postal services, it is very important that you thoroughly understand the basic eligibility criteria regarding job opportunities in the American postal service.

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