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Date:   June 2nd, 2020

Late arrivals can be inconveniencing, annoying and most of all, worrying, especially if you can’t figure out why, or don’t know whether your package will arrive or not.

For a recipient, a late parcel can send chills down your spine especially if you’re expecting a parcel from overseas. And while carrier companies work to deal with the millions of parcels—and achieve timely deliver all the time—some obstacles in the shipping process can lead to delays.


Date:   May 29th, 2020

Online exam software has become advanced, and you can find a lot of choices that can accommodate almost any format. The variety is good, but it can become overwhelming, too, especially if you’re finding it difficult to pick between two options. The good news is that if you’re a little more discerning, you can make sure that you make the right choice here.


Date:   May 26th, 2020

If you want to pursue a career at a post office, you must first clear a postal exam. In case you are new to such an exam, you will be surprised by its complex nature. Because of its complexity, a majority of the applicants do not clear in the first go. These exams are designed to test your aptitude for checking addresses, coding, and completing the forms. They also test your speed, accuracy, and memory. However, there are ways you can ace any postal exam.


Date:   May 22nd, 2020

No matter how prepared you are for a postal exam, if you fail to complete it on time, all your efforts will go in vain. Whether it’s a postal exam or any other form of assessment, time management is a vital factor that gets you through. In order to qualify for a postal job in the US, you need to secure at least 80% marks on your postal exam. Time management will assist you in meeting your goal with great ease.


Date:   May 19th, 2020

Before you pursue a particular career, you must consider the pay and perks involved with the job. When it comes to working at a post office, you get to earn a decent amount of money. And, it doesn’t just stop there. Apart from the money you make, the compensation for working overtime is one of the many reasons to pursue this career.

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