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Date:   June 19th, 2020

Product returns is a dark side of online retail small and large merchants are yet to find a long-lasting remedy to.

It happens even to the most careful retailers, and it is one of the downsides of the long-distance merchant-shopper relationship in online retail.


Date:   June 16th, 2020

Delivery duty paid or DDP, as it is commonly known, is a global shipping and delivery approach where the business—who has to send goods to a customer—pays for all the fees and covers all the risks until a package reaches its endpoint.


Date:   June 12th, 2020

Delivery was a sticking point in 2019 and we expect it to continue impacting ecommerce in 2020 and beyond.

Major moves from mentor companies, like Amazon’s Prime FREE Same-Day Delivery and Shopify’s strategy to include logistics solutions to its long list of service offerings are signs all retailers should work towards fast ecommerce delivery.


Date:   June 9th, 2020

In online retail, most business-customer relationships go sour after checkout stage— when a customer has paid for items and is waiting for the business owner to deliver their order.

Soon after collecting payments, many retailers do less to improve their buyer’s post-purchase experience.


Date:   June 5th, 2020

For customers, the ecommerce journey starts from product search, to adding items to cart, to checkout (if you impress them) and then to the last stage—when they finally receive their parcel from a courier service.

Your online store’s checkout page is more like the pay point or counter in a physical store.

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