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Date:   June 4th, 2017

More than 113,000 military veterans work for the United States Postal Service. The military veterans and their spouses, mothers, widowers, or widows are given preference for the postal service jobs. Veterans can earn extra credit that depends on their previous work history. The process of hiring military veterans is slightly different from hiring other individuals. Here we will shed light on the USPS’s hiring process and requirements for military veterans.


Date:   June 1st, 2017

The United States Postal Service currently employs over 45000 mail handlers at different district and regional offices across the country. Every year, young aspirants apply for the postal service job and depending on their results in the Postal Exam 473E, their applications are assessed for the suitability of the position.


Date:   May 30th, 2017

5 Most Frequently Asked Questions About the Postal Exam 473E Postal Exam 473E is the gateway to working at entry level positions at United States Postal Service. Many candidates apply each year for the posted vacant USPS jobs and they have to pass the assessment exam before their applications can be processed further. As such having the basic information about the test—which vacant positions does it cover, how the test is structured, how the test is graded—can help candidates with their preparations for the postal exam. This blog aims to provide this fundamental information

Date:   May 27th, 2017

Curbing the Potential Threats of Anthrax Attacks – Training the Postal Workers Bioterrorism first became the topic of discussion in the parallels of US postal service industry when in October 2001, anthrax contaminated mails were received at the Brentwood facility of USPS. It killed two postal employees.


Date:   May 24th, 2017

In one of our previous blogs (hyperlink to blog titled, “Answering the Basics – Postal Exam 473E FAQs”), we provided basic information about Postal Exam 473E with the view to help our readers in their preparation of the exam. Today, we will be covering Postal Exam 955, aiming to achieve the same objective – to educate our readers about the fundamentals of the postal maintenance assessment exam.

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