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Date:   March 14th, 2016

Learning The Lingo For The Postal Service Job

If you are intending to work with the USPS service, there are basic terms you need to familiarize yourself with. Do not wait until you have the job so as to start knowing the terms. Do your research beforehand and that way, nothing is going to catch you by surprise. As you will see in this article, we will give you several terms (lingo) that are used in the postal jobs industry.

Date:   March 11th, 2016

Why Working with the USPS Service Is Your Best Choice

USPS Service does post various postal office jobs on their eCareer site where you can apply for whatever post is vacant. After that, you will be scheduled for the US 473 Postal Exam and if you pass, you will then be called for the interview.

Date:   March 9th, 2016

Fun Facts About United States Postal Service Jobs

Well, we could say a million and one things about the USPS, but we are not sure that you would read all of them. Or would you? Did you know that the United States Postal Service is an independent agency of the United States federal government? Now you do. Did you know that very famous US figures have at one time or another worked for the United States Postal Service? Again, now you know!


Date:   March 7th, 2016

Why You Should Pass The Postal 473 Exam

Here is the hard truth … you will stand a zero chance for your dream postal job if you fail to get at least 70% in the postal test. Since USPS Service is one of the most lucrative places to work in for many US citizens and residents, you will not be the only one applying for the postal posts that are announced as vacant in the USPS portal or in the local dailies. The fact is that hundreds of people or even more will be applying for the same post that you are interested in and you must be among the top three candidates as far as performance is concerned for you to be called for the interview. That is the only way to have a high probability of getting the post office employment.


Date:   March 4th, 2016

Your Job Expectations When Working With The USPS Service

If you are a serious and ambitious individual, then USPS Service is the place to work in. The money is good, but you will have to earn it with hard work. The working hours are reasonable and if you know what to expect, you will have a lot of fun on the job. You will meet so many people. First, you don’t require any training but instead, all you have to do is apply and take the Postal exam 473.

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