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Date:   August 4th, 2016

Postal Service exams, or commonly known as Postal Exam 473, are extremely competitive because usually, there are more applicants than the slots that become available in the USPS Postal Service, a report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Applicants know how competitive and important the postal exam 473 is. Yes, taking the postal exam is just but a step in the application process. However, it’s a major determinant of whether you’ll be called for an interview for USPS Office Jobs or not. Therefore, there is need to get the highest score in the test.

Date:   August 1st, 2016

Some of the Postal Service positions include postal carriers, mail processor as well as mail handlers and sorter machine operators among others. For you to serve in any position in the Postal Service, you must take and pass Postal Exam 473. The exam is designed to test the candidate’s aptitude for carrying out certain tasks.


Date:   June 8th, 2016

Post Office exams, or commonly known as postal exam 473, is an entrance exam used by the United States Post Office to determine if an applicant can be able to identify whether two addresses are identical. The postal exam also determines if you can be able to use the appropriate code to assign mail to an address, whether you can memorize assigned codes for address range and whether you can correctly complete post office forms.


Date:   May 20th, 2016

Working for the US Postal Service might not be what every kid dreams about, but maybe they should. Of course, there are the many men and women who staff the offices and deliver the packages daily, but the USPS has much more to offer. When considering a postal service job, there are a lot more options than initially meets the eye,


Date:   May 18th, 2016

"Ra'bochiye vse'vo 'mira, obyedi'nyaytes (Workers of the world, unite)!" Karl Marx was not simply attempting to motivate the proletariat to revolt against the bourgeoisie during early 20th century Russia, he was also helping soon-to-be and recent college graduates in getting jobs and crawling from the student debt hold. No, really. Ok he probably was not, but it can be used as a helpful tool and motivator. With unemployment still around 8%, and only 50% of college graduates landing jobs soon after nabbing that degree, we are all in this mess together. English literature, philosophy, psychology, and other liberal arts degrees catch a ton of flak for being useless. But they truly are not. They are just like any other degree, but you will need to follow a few guidelines to maximize each of their values.

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