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Date:   March 23rd, 2016

Why Is The Memory Section of Part C the Most Challenging for Post Office Exams

You have no doubt heard that the test is now taken online. Yes, you heard right. You have also heard that the past tests have been phased out. You have heard right. And what I will tell you here is that there is a memory section where you will be required to jot down answers you’re your memory. The USPS service jobs require you to take ample preparation and that you be able to recall as many routes and addresses as possible, from memory. There are many things to know about the memory section of the exam. For example, since the exam is done online, you will not be allowed to take a pen and paper into the test center with you to “help you organize your memory” or anything of that sort. No way. If it is online, then you will have to do everything electronically and in the required time too. Remember, the USPS office jobs are highly sought after and that means you have to be extra careful when you tackle the questions. It also means that you have to be extra hardworking when you are preparing. Get up to date guides so that you can practice on something that is as close to the real deal as possible.


Date:   March 21st, 2016

Where Can Love And Knowledge For Math Be Applied In Postal Service Jobs

Math is a subject that is mandatory for every field be it media, medicine, accounting and even the postal job industry. If you are good in Math, then consider going for the post office employment. This is a lucrative field with many job descriptions that require good performance in math.


Date:   March 18th, 2016

Here Are Some Errors To Avoid When Taking Postal Exam

People do not fail postal exams because they do not know the answers to the questions asked. Many fail because of small, silly mistakes that can be avoided. That is why you need to read through this article to avoid mistakes that have been made by other people who have taken the postal exam 473. This way, you stand a higher chance of landing that postal job you have been wishing to get.

Date:   March 16th, 2016

Here Are Great People You Did Not Know Held A Postal Job

Job satisfaction is something that employers cannot ignore. That is why information about great people who pursued a particular career exists. They foster the satisfaction and pride of being involved in a given career. It is the same case with your postal service job. If you love the postal job, there are many great people in history who were involved in what you are doing currently. However, this article lists some of them.


Date:   March 14th, 2016

Learning The Lingo For The Postal Service Job

If you are intending to work with the USPS service, there are basic terms you need to familiarize yourself with. Do not wait until you have the job so as to start knowing the terms. Do your research beforehand and that way, nothing is going to catch you by surprise. As you will see in this article, we will give you several terms (lingo) that are used in the postal jobs industry.
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