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Date:   September 22nd, 2017

Candidates looking for a job at the US postal office need to clear the postal exam 473. The exam has the reputation of being one of the most comprehensive and toughest ones undertaken by USPS.

Date:   September 20th, 2017

All aspiring candidates preparing to apply for the US postal exams need to pass postal exam 473 before being taken into consideration for an interview. The test is for positions such as mail handlers, postal carriers, mail processors and sorter machine operators.

Date:   September 16th, 2017

Landing a job interview at the US postal services is nothing less than a monumental achievement. But you do not have any room for being complacent. The slightest mistake can end up costing you your dream US postal job.


Date:   September 14th, 2017

In the foundation days of postal services, the companywas only limited to deliver mails that were mostly hand written documents and letters. However with new discovery and inventions through the course of time, the nature of postal services has also changed and now mail carriers are not supposed to deliver only simple mails. The types of deliveries have become very diverse with time.Therefore,people who are interested in postal service jobs must know about those different types.


Date:   September 11th, 2017

The United States Postal Service has been serving the country for nearly two and a half century; one can say that USPS has played its role in making the United States the land of opportunity. The USPS is still making working with the same dedication and work ethos and therefore people still want to join USPS because they are one of those federal jobs that don’t require a long checklist to be filled by the new aspirants. However, there are some requirements that are required to apply for the United States postal services jobs.
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